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Carderock® Stone

Carderock® Landscape Boulders

The boulders vary in shape and dimension, from 300 pounds to 5000 pounds in weight.


Carderock® Landscape Boulders

These boulders offer unique beauty to a home project. The large boulders can alter the feel and appearance of a property while lessening the need for more plants. Use different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a colorful serene space. Using boulders also acts as a visual anchor to a location.

The boulders vary in shape and dimension, from 300 pounds to 5000 pounds in weight.


Common uses for Carderock® Landscape Boulders:

Line Driveways

Water Features



Carderock® stone is quarried in Bethesda, MD by Tri-State Stone & Building Supply. This beautiful building stone is a mica-schist artzite, with horizontal and vertical cleavage making it easy to work into numerous installation styles.

The vibrant blues, browns, grays and greens create an aesthetically pleasing palette of colors for most any stone project. The unique colors, durability and ease of use have made Carderock® Stone a favorite of architects, designers, stone masons and homeowners for generations.

Residential or commercial applications, new construction or remodeling, as well as most landscape design applications – all benefit from the lasting beauty and timeless appeal of Carderock® Stone. Tri-State Stone® & Building Supply, Inc. is committed to providing you with high quality natural stone on a consistent basis. We operate year round, without seasonal shutdowns, and have dealers nationwide to provide Carderock® Stone to your project when you need it.